Bolivia is one of the highest most remote countries on earth, landlocked by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Prior to Spanish colonization, the Andean region was a part of the Inca Empire. While much of the country remains untouched by the passage of time, nowadays it is considered a developing country known for its rich art, cuisine, literature, and music, as well as being very wealthy in minerals. In addition, Bolivia has more indigenous peoples than any other country in the Americas. The geography of the country exhibits a great variety of terrains and climates. It has a high level of biodiversity, as well as several bio-regions. These areas feature enormous variations in altitude and beautiful displays of flora and fauna.

“Where water is not touched and where earth is not touched: inside my invisible presence, where you know yourself to be, in the millenary present — of deeds, of smells of forms; of animals, of minerals, of plants in time.”

Salar de Uyuni

"Endless Skies And Lands With Reflective Beauty”

Lake Titicaca

"The Waters Of Civilizations”

La Paz

"Colorful Streets In A City High Above The Clouds”