Protours has most recently embarked on an eco-consciences campaign as we believe in helping preserve what Chile and South America has to offer. Additionally we consider this an important and necessary initiative in order to compete long term in the international tourism arena.

sustainable providers

As of 2014 we have started to actively position preferred sustainable providers and Pronature products. With these selected preferences our partners abroad will now have the option to choose more environmental friendly accommodations, services or itineraries. We have started showcasing these possibilities in both our newsletters and manuals as well as branding them with our very own Pronature stamp.


Furthermore we are also presently working towards achieving our personal green seal of approval with strategies based on the established criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. For this we plan to only become more ecological ourselves but also to create more awareness within our team. As E. Knight once said “waste not the smallest thing created, for grains of sand make mountains, and atomies infinity.”